juel (juel) wrote in proudmoore,

So yeah...wow...

In between cleaning, and avoiding PVP so I can get it done, I decided to look up WOW on LJ and I find the first post in the forum is someone I run MC with. Hello SC! Its Gianara/Divinia. =P

Hubby and I are both on PM due to old friends of his suckering us there back in May/June 05, now we're stuck cause we like too many people.

My characters:
Gianara 60 UD Rogue
Divinia 60 UD Priest
Jiselle 25 Troll Hunter
Malachai 20 UD Warlock

and various other newbs. My husband is mostly on Kaherdin (60 UD Mage) and Homerus (40-some orc Shaman).

Wow I'm still weirded out. Didn't expect a PM community at all. =P
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