Agent Tattletale (telegramsam70) wrote in proudmoore,
Agent Tattletale

world of warcraft addiction

after reveiwing again with my partner all the facts and history, I am forced to ask myself if i've really become addicted to this game or not. there have been times when i have put an effort into controlling it, and times when i have given in to playing as ofen as i feel like, without regard for the world around me. It's definatly a problem, but i'm not sure if it's really got to continue to be a problem. i could quit forever, but would i just replace it with something else? certainly someone else has to have been through some part of this issue.

is there an AA for videogames?

i like the people in my guild and love the social aspect of playing with others.

i had hoped this game could simply be a pastime and not such a problem.
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