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Proudmoore - [A] - Recruitment Notice!

Guild Name: Southern Wardens
Faction: Alliance
Timezone: AEST (Australian time; our raids start at 7:30pm AEST, or 2:30am server time for US nightowls :))
Looking for: 1x Main Healer (Healadin preferred); 1x DPS/Off-healer (Shadow Priest preferred)

We're currently close to a full clear of Karazhan (only Nightbane and Netherspite to go), and we have Maulgar down with our eyes on Gruul next.

Southern Wardens is a fun and friendly Aussie guild raiding in the AEST timezone. We run two Karazhan teams and one 25-man raid group; our primary raid nights are currently Sunday and Monday with short raids on Wednesday/Thursday nights (1 Kara team per night). We're an old guild, having been around since launch (and active in other MMOs before WoW); we're casual-friendly, although that doesn't mean we don't take raiding seriously :)

If you're a healer or DPS/off-healer and you're interested in checking us out, you can find out more at:
* our website at
* our recruitment forum at

or send tells in-game to Sailan or Alinden.


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