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Proudmoore Server

and all the cool people on there

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This community is for anyone on the Proudmoore server.

When you first post it helps to mentions your characters name (no more that 2 alts please.) and if you're Alliance or Horde.

Try to keep it PG; children may read this and I'd rather not have complaints from parents.

Stuff the community is good for...
Posting a screenshot of your character (there's also a community just for screenshots wowshots)
Coordinating Raids. If you need a lot of high level people to do a super big quest then post what day of the week and what time it's going to happen. USE SERVER TIME!
Post a pictures of yourself. Remember PG

If for any reason you're having any problems with people in this community or you have any questions you can e-mail me at madmooness@yahoo.com