Sister of the Moon (catmcroy) wrote in proudmoore,
Sister of the Moon


I'm Cat! From Victoria, BC, Canada. My main is who's in my icon, Damianna, lvl 60 human rogue (this makes me Alliance), skinner & elemental leatherworker. The alt I'm currently playing the most is my lvl 21 night elf druid Saille, miner and soon to be jewelcrafter.
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rofl. Heya Dami :P
Hey babe!! :)
Hey Cat, I'm Crod. Level60 hunter;skinner, enchanter
Hello and welcome. I am Secura, lvl 60 Troll Disc/Holy Priest. Tailor/Enchanter. Welcome again.
ZOMG a post! ::pounce::

<-- Hordie, Gianara/Divinia/Juel all 60 and many miscellaneous alts.

Just ask Secura, no one knows me as anything but my priest Divinia it seems. =P